• Hi, I graduated from Michigan State University in 2021, where I was working under Matthew Hedden.
  • I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn for the 2021-22 academic year.
  • In Fall-2022, I was at MSRI, Berkeley, as a Postdoctoral Fellow for the Floer Homotopy Theory program
  • From Spring-2023 to Spring 2025, I will be in Rutgers University as a Hill assistant professor, working with Kristen Hendricks
  • Here is an article in the Quanta Magazine on a paper that I co-authored.
  • Here is my CV.
  • In summer 2023, I supervised a DIMACS REU (with Hendricks). Here is an article that my students Jay Patwardhan (Rutgers), Zheheng Xiao (Columbia) wrote.
  • I am teaching a graduate topics course at Rutgers titled 'Floer homology and low-dimensional topology' in Spring 2024.
Research interest

I am interested in low-dimensional topology. My research to date has focused on using the tools from various Floer homology and gauge theoretic invariants to study exotic phenomena in dimension 4, homology cobordism in dimension 3, mapping class group actions on 3-manifolds and knots, and knot concordance. Here is the list of my papers.


Email: abhishek.mallick@rutgers.edu HTML Link Color